May 29, 2023

How to come to Australia?

Hello everyone, today I’m going to tell you about my beginnings in Australia and, above all, how I managed to get there!

Four months before my departure –

I was going to the other side of the world, without my family and friends to help me in case of any problems: ALL ALONE!

It was a first for me, and I had a lot of questions, too many, like everyone, I suppose. I wanted my trip to go as smoothly as possible, even though we can’t avoid all the obstacles.

I started researching on Facebook groups and the internet, but there are so many different versions that it becomes exhausting, and it’s hard to decipher the truth from the false.

I was casually scrolling through TikTok, and with the influencers I follow, I heard about True Blue Studies. I started doing some research on the company and what it offered. I found it really amazing all the services they could provide in their different packages, whether it’s for studying, backpacking, or doing an internship in Australia. As for me, I was particularly interested in the backpacker pack.

I decided to make an appointment with Thibaud just to get more information and finally get answers to my questions. I had my video call with him the next morning. It was really cool; he answered all my questions and explained how my arrival would unfold.

Once I had my pack in hand, I could discuss with him about my visa, the Working Holiday Visa (WHV). He explained how to apply for it and the right information to provide. We don’t realize it, but if you fill it out incorrectly, it can take several months to receive it. Once I received my validated WHV, we looked into plane tickets. Then we looked for accommodation, specifically the Billabong hostel, which is where they send all the backpackers, and by the way, it’s also the best one in the city of Perth with a swimming pool!

We continued to communicate through social networks until my departure, so I could ask him all my little pre-departure stress questions like:

– Should I take a suitcase or a backpack?
– How many pants should I bring?
– Should I bring a lot of sweaters?

couche de soleil mauve et bleu avec des amis en australie

Day 1 –

Finally, it’s the big day!

Off to the airport, and I board my first flight in Paris, about 13 hours of travel time. Short layover in Singapore, and then I board the plane again for about 6 hours to Perth. Before landing, they give me a form to fill out with my personal information. I go through customs, retrieve my luggage without any issues.

And who do I see in front of me? Thibaud waiting for me at the airport exit with a sign displaying my name. It’s really nice to see someone you know, especially when you arrive in an unknown country.

I get into the car with all my luggage, and we head directly to the hostel to drop off my things and discover my new room for a few nights. The concierge was really funny, with small ponytails tied with different-colored elastics and wearing a tutu skirt. Thibaud helps me carry my things to the entrance of my room because he couldn’t enter; the room was exclusively for girls. Quite reassuring when you arrive in an unfamiliar place. My plane landed around 9 PM, so he left me at the hostel to rest. Before leaving, he gives me my Australian SIM card and helps me activate it so I can contact my family and friends.

Day 2 –

Here I am the next day, a little tired from jet lag, but it’s fine. I walk to the agency, which is not far from my hostel. I meet Jules and Evgeni, who are also part of True Blue Studies.

With Thibaud, we immediately start with the paperwork. We schedule an appointment at the bank to open an account in Australia, apply for my Tax File Number (TFN), set up my superannuation, and make an appointment for me to get my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certification.

Afterwards, we head to the beach to relax and start my little Punta Cana tan! I go with the girls I met in my room. One arrived a month ago, and the other two weeks ago. They are from Italy and Germany. I find it amazing to be able to meet people from different nationalities.

In the evening, we go to Mustang with the girls. It’s a bar where a lot of people gather. I join Thibaud there, and he buys me a beer and a burger. He introduces me to the other backpackers who are already there. I quickly made friends, and it made me feel less alone, far away from my family and friends (which was something I was afraid of).


couche de soleil avec des amis

Day 3 –

I go back to the office because today we’re finding a job!! They give me all the Facebook groups where I can post to find work, and Thibaud sends me a document with all the farms and their phone numbers to call.

In the end, I didn’t even need to call them because I received a message on Facebook in response to one of my job ads for farm work valid for the 88 days. I talk to the farmer, and he tells me it starts in a week and it’s a 9-hour drive from Perth.

New mission: find a car or carpool to get there. After thinking about it, I decide to buy a car, even though it requires a certain investment. It will be profitable because when you buy a car in Western Australia (it’s the only state that does this), you can sell it in any other state. If I decide to go on a road trip after the farm work, I can sell my car in Queensland without any problems.

Two weeks later –

I’m writing to you from the zucchini farm, two weeks later, with my car that I was able to buy with the advice of Jules, Thibaud, and Evgeni. I also went to a mechanic to get a check-up. Everything is going great so far, and I plan to complete my 88 days of farm work here to be free afterwards and go on a road trip with friends I met at the farm 😊.

A piece of advice I can give you: Don’t hesitate and go for it, come to Australia. There are so many things to discover, people to meet, and opportunities to seize!