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We will set up an initial interview with you by video or phone call to better understand your profile.


Once we understand more about who you are and what you are looking for, we will work together to find the best course for you.


There are thousands of registered training organizations in Australia. We'll help you pick the one that is right for you.


We will provide you with a quotation detailing the costs and potential repayment options for your studies, either monthly or quarterly.


After enrollment submission, we receive a Letter of Offer. After you pay, we will sign/ receive your Confirmation of Enrollment for your student visa application.


We will collect all necessary information, including your GTE or SOP letter. Once everything is correct, we will process your student visa application.

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We will organise a pickup from the airport and drop off to your accommodation.

2 Book Your

We will help you find accommodation once your student visa is lodged. Our partners are happy to accommodate you.

3 Opening Bank

On day two, we will organise a booking at the bank to open your Australian bank account and order your bank card.

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We have helped hundreds of international students
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András Fodor Papp

“… With his help, I got my visa in only 3 days…”

I needed a student visa and Jules was just the perfect choice. I couldn’t have imagined it any better.He was always there for me, answered right away, was always very friendly. With his help, I got my visa in only 3 days.

Jenny Defever

“…trustworthy company i can’t be enough thankful enough….”

A big thanks to true blue particularly to Jules who did an amazing job trustworthy company I can’t be enough thankful

Robin Bogaerts

“…he stayed helpful and patient along the way without charging me a penny upfront….”

Jules is excellent, had a lot of questions and it took a while for me to decide which study I was going to choose, but he stayed helpful and patient along the way without charging me a penny upfront

David Berrios

“…they helped me throughout the process until I obtained the visa…”

A team of very concerned people and with all the willingness to help, very friendly, always attentive to any questions at any time, I came to True Blue by recommendation and nothing to say, very satisfied, they helped me throughout the process until I obtained the visa , totally recommended

Lucille Seethal

“…From the day we first spoke, he was an absolute love to work with….”

Jules doesn’t just make you do all the work and then he just submit the application, he works with you, guides you and corrects things as you go. He helped me choose the right place to study and then got my application going.

Aleks Sh

“… I decided to entrust the whole process to him and did not regret it at all…”

everything went very quickly and easy – I was enrolled in the college, I submitted the prepared documents and received a student visa in 19 days. I can confidently recommend Jules as a very competent agent and I was fully satisfied with work with him.

Darya Vy

“…Trustworthy team both Jules and Michelle! …”

Trustworthy team both Jules and Michelle! Always going above and beyond for their clients and making sure the client is taken care of from start to finish! 💯

Camilo Rivas

“…Excellent people and team. 🎖🥇…”

TrueBlue Studies is an excellent education agency. They help you and put you in the right direction when living Australia is your dream.

Loreto Nuñez

“…They are great because they care..”

They are a great because they care, and this is HUGE! I really appreciate Jules and his team assistance and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Evgenii Grishin

“… My dream came true because of Jules’s help! …”

Hey! I’m a student from Russia. I’m writing this review from Australia! My dream came true because of Jules’s help! He has done a lot of work and has given a lot of important advises. He knows everything about immigration to AU! He helped me to get new friends, he found a good English school for me, helped me to open a bank account and even helped to buy a sim-card! 😅

Bahtiyar Gence Sonyol

“…Thanks for helping me get my visa…..”

Very friendly and kind people and they are really professional in student visa advice. Thanks for helping me get my visa.

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With our Expertise and Knowledge We Can Help You Start Your Journey and Achieve Your Dreams in Migrating To Australia!

Frequently asked questions about migrating to Australia

At True Blue Studies, we pride ourselves on guiding you from start to finish.

We are experts at Student Support, including complete re-location packages to assure you of a stress-free journey to your new life.

Student advising and counseling: Providing information and guidance on study abroad options and helping students select the best program for their individual needs and goals.

Application assistance: Helping students complete and submit applications to colleges, universities, and language schools abroad.

Testing and examination services: Assisting with standardized tests, such as the TOEFL or SAT, required for admission to many foreign schools.

Visa and immigration services: Helping students obtain the necessary visas and documentation to study abroad.

Pre-departure preparation: Offering resources and information to help students prepare for their study abroad experience, including information on cultural differences, safety and security, and budgeting.

On-site support: Providing ongoing support to students while they are abroad, including assistance with housing, health insurance, and other practical needs.

Career services: Assisting students with finding internships, job opportunities, and professional networking connections in their field of study

Expertise – Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting international students and is well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise.

Reliability – We are committed to providing a high level of service and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience.

Transparency – We are open and transparent in all our dealings with clients and provide clear and accurate information about our services and fees.

Reputation – We have built a strong reputation for providing quality services to international students and have a proven track record of success.

Network – We have established strong relationships with universities and other industry organizations, allowing us to provide comprehensive support to our clients.

By choosing us, you can be confident that you are receiving the best support in your journey to study in Australia.

Our headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia (Shop 4 160 Central Arcade, 811 Hay St, Perth WA 6000), where you can meet us face to face, but we help students across Australia via Zoom or a telephone consult. True Blue Studies is also expanding in France and the Philippines.

Our initial interview, including finding the right course and course provider as well as lodging your visa application, is entirely FREE. We also offer premium packages to help you start your new life in Australia which includes airport pickups, job placement, Superannuation, TFN, Bank account setup, CV consulting, and translation as well 24/7 support, and much much more.

We understand the hardships and anxiety of migrating to a new country. We’ve been in your exact situation! All of our staff were migrants to Australia, and we have gone through the same process you have or will go through. This is why we founded True Blue Studies. We want to ensure your journey towards the Australian Dream is more manageable and smoother than what we went through ourselves with correct guidance according to your situation.

Purpose of stay – Whether you are coming to Australia to study, work, visit, or live permanently, you must apply for a specific visa category.

Length of stay – The length of your stay in Australia will determine the type of visa you need to apply for.

The course of study – If you are coming to Australia to study, the course you are enrolled in will determine the type of student visa you need to apply for.

Work eligibility – If you wish to work in Australia while you study, you will need to apply for a visa that allows you to work a certain number of hours per week.

Financial capacity – You must demonstrate that you have enough financial resources to support yourself during your stay in Australia.

You should consult with a registered migration agent or the Department of Home Affairs website to determine the specific visa requirements and categories that apply to your circumstances.

Contact us if you want an appointment with our registered migration agent Ultra Fast Migration (MARA): 0321177.