October 20, 2023

Our opinion on the Perth Backpackers


Welcome to the world of hostels

Yes! If you’re planning to go to Australia, you’ll likely be part of the dormitory team.

What is a hostel?

Hostels accommodate travelers for a temporary period, mostly young people looking for affordable accommodation. Hostels offer shared dormitories, a communal kitchen, and common living spaces. It’s also a lot about friendliness, meeting people, and sharing. The perfect place to start building your network if you’ve just arrived in Australia.

And how does it work?

Even though each hostel has its own rules, you’ll find a similar setup almost everywhere. For example, regarding rooms, there are all kinds: mixed, non-mixed, rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4, and sometimes even up to 20. Regarding bathrooms, they may be shared for everyone; in other hostels, they may be in the rooms and, therefore, shared within the room. Concerning communal kitchens, they are freely accessible, you can leave your groceries there, and fridges are also provided. So, you can cook freely, don’t forget to do your dishes. In some hostels, you might have the option to get your own cutlery with a deposit. Kitchens close at night for cleaning; closing times vary between hostels. Lastly, you might be lucky to find a hostel that offers breakfast.


Which hostels would you recommend in Perth?

You have plenty of choices for hostels in Perth, and they are all different, so we’ll let you choose below!


Le Billabong: (price/night 36AUD)

Le Billabong is a very spacious hostel, always full, with a majority of French residents. It might not be the best place to learn English, but it’s practical if you want to easily meet people. The atmosphere is rather family-like and festive; you’re sure to make friends! The premises are well-maintained and clean. This hostel has the particularity of having a pool, the only backpack with a pool in Perth. Bathrooms are not common throughout the hostel because they are in the rooms. As for the kitchen, it closes at 22h, which is not practical when you come home late from work, but the cleaning is well done! Cutlery is provided only with a $10 deposit, ideal when you’ve just arrived and haven’t bought yours yet! The hostel also has paid parking. In terms of security, lockers are available in the rooms, but there are no codes to enter the hostel. The reception is available 24/7, so if you arrive at night, no need to worry about your arrival in the hostel (even less if you’ve decided to take our package). A small downside is the Wi-Fi, which doesn’t work in the rooms, and the staff is not very friendly (depends on who you meet).


Downtown Backpackers Hostel: (price/night 50AUD)

Downtown Backpackers Hostel is a small hostel located in East Perth, secured by an entry code. The atmosphere is quite chill and relaxed due to the low number of residents. People are very nice, and there are fewer French people. Sometimes, you find a backpacker playing the guitar in the courtyard, and you feel comfortable right away. Moreover, the staff is very friendly. The courtyard also serves as parking. The rooms are decent and clean, the living spaces are small but friendly. The kitchen is very good; the only downside is the mediocre Wi-Fi.


Britannia on William: (price/night 30AUD)

Gallery image of this property

Britannia on William has the advantage of being very well located in the heart of Perth. The atmosphere is very family-like and festive during weekends; the hostel’s courtyard is very pleasant. There are many French people, but also people from other origins. The premises are not very bright or modern, but they are clean and well-maintained. Common spaces are upstairs, such as the kitchen, living room, and TV room. Regarding the kitchen, it closes at night and is not very large for the number of people the hostel accommodates, but it is functional. Bathrooms are shared but not mixed, very clean, and cleaning is done every morning. A negative point concerns the rooms with upper beds that don’t all have ladders to climb.


Perth City Backpackers Hostel: (price/night 50AUD)

The City Backpackers Hostel seems dark from the outside, but when you enter, the living spaces are immediately visible. They are open and large, which is very pleasant. There are many people moving around, including French people, and the atmosphere is very friendly. Rooms are equipped with lockers, and the hostel also has an entry code. The kitchen is, therefore, open to the rest of the living spaces, it is functional, and breakfast is included. Regarding the rooms, there are 20-bed rooms to avoid if you are sensitive to bad smells.


Kangaroo Inn: (price/night 96AUD)

Photos of Kangaroo Inn

Kangaroo Inn is located right in the center of Perth with an entry code. It is one of the most expensive hostels in Perth. It has a very nice and chill terrace. It also has very beautiful living spaces. A reading corner adds charm to this hostel. There are wardrobes in the rooms. Pay attention to the reception hours; it is not open all night. All rooms have access to a shared bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped. Kangaroo Inn is a good place to live temporarily.



Hive Hostel: (price/night 46AUD)

Hive Hostel is a very social hostel of medium size; an entry code is required. The living spaces are quite old and small, but there are several, and they are cozy. The kitchen is decent, the dining room is small but friendly. This hostel has a very large outdoor space. However, the cleanliness of some rooms leaves something to be desired, and some staff members are not pleasant.


Emperors Crown Backpackers Hostel: currently not available on reservation websites

Emperors Crown Backpackers Hostel has newer premises; it is a small, less family-oriented hostel. This hostel is also an association that welcomes the homeless, not recommended if you do not wish to. The kitchen is large and functional. Regarding the staff, they are fantastic. The atmosphere is very calm, and the hostel has a small outdoor area. The rooms are equipped with lockers, practical for security, and a code is also required before entering the hostel.


Hostel G: (price/night 60AUD)

Hostel G has the most beautiful facilities; it is a recent hostel, and the style is modern. Some compare this hostel to a hotel. It is a large hostel that accommodates many people; it is one of the most expensive. The atmosphere is less family-like than in other hostels but remains pleasant. The rooms are great, and the beds are comfortable. The downside is the kitchen, which is not functional at all.

Photos of Hostel G Perth


Emu Backpackers Perth: (price/night 50AUD)

Emu Backpackers Perth is a small hostel with a small outdoor area. It is clean, and the kitchen is very large. The atmosphere is rather calm and nice, with very friendly staff. Advantage of a breakfast included. The rooms can be a bit small, but the bathrooms are good.


The Shiralee Backpackers: (price/night 47AUD)

The Shiralee Backpackers is a small hostel with a family-like atmosphere. People are friendly, and you feel comfortable right away. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and breakfast is included. This hostel has a nice small outdoor area, the kitchen is functional and large. Regarding the staff, they are attentive.


Spinners Backpackers: (price/night 49AUD)

When you enter this hostel, you discover a very nice small outdoor area, which immediately puts you at ease. The reception is very nice and attentive. Residents are multicultural, the style of this hostel is modern, common spaces are clean, and the atmosphere is friendly. The rooms and bathrooms are maintained. The kitchen is large and functional. Not much negative to say about this hostel.

Photos of Spinner's Backpackers


Spiral Backpackers Hostel: (price/night 35AUD)

The Spiral Backpackers Hostel is very well located in the city center. It is a large hostel with many residents. When you enter, you arrive directly in the living spaces, which are very large. This can be a bit stressful for a first arrival if you are shy. The style of this hostel is quite old, in its juice. There are many people, creating a friendly and festive atmosphere. Your personal belongings can easily be stored in the rooms.


Hoping that our reviews will help you find the hostel that suits your tastes!