December 15, 2023

Facebook in Australia ?


Upon your arrival in Australia, and even before that, Facebook can be one of your best allies. You can communicate with other backpackers and gather information, conduct sales, purchases, and job searches. How can Facebook be useful to you in Australia? We’ll directly provide you with the right groups to join.

Facebook allows its users to create groups with up to 250,000 members. Joining Facebook groups dedicated to travelers in Australia provides valuable information, advice, and recommendations shared by fellow backpackers.

There are very general groups related to Australia. In these groups, information can be confusing and varied, making it challenging to find the answers you’re looking for. There are groups specific to Australia but tailored to a particular origin, such as the French in Australia. There are also more specific groups dedicated to a city in Australia, such as the French in Sydney or the French in Perth.

Finally, the most interesting part is the groups focusing on specific topics that allow you to access information directly related to your interests:

Facebook groups for finding work (in Perth):

Here, you can find job offers, tips for applying, advice on a job you’ve just been hired for, and you can ask or answer questions to share your experience and help others. In these types of groups, it’s essential to be quite responsive, especially if you are actively job hunting, as members are numerous, and people are quick to react when job offers are posted.


(groups specialized in Perth):

If you’re looking for accommodation in Perth, the groups listed below will be helpful. It’s important to be cautious about the
people posting ads; make sure it’s not a scam, even though scams are rare in these kinds of groups. Pay attention to those looking for roommates and ensure they are trustworthy individuals. Besides this precautionary note, these groups are more than fantastic. There’s a lot of sharing regarding share houses, shared accommodations, and sometimes even reselling hostel spots, etc. Be responsive and express your interest in the offered housing.

(specialized groups in Perth):


Finally, if you’re interested in activities in your city (here in Perth), these groups are great. Whether you’re lacking activity ideas, want to meet people, share enjoyable moments, or grab a beer, these groups (specialized in Perth) are ideal.


Facebook also serves for sales and exchanges: you can explore local selling groups on Facebook to acquire or sell used items such as camping gear, vehicles, or other useful items for your journey.

Another alternative: Marketplace:

Marketplace serves as an online platform where users can buy, sell, and exchange goods and services directly within the Facebook community. Here are the main uses of Marketplace:

The first is buying and selling: Users can post ads to sell new or used items. This allows users to find local buyers for their goods or discover items to purchase in their region.

You can find a wide variety of items on Marketplace, from furniture and clothing to electronic equipment, used cars, and much

The second is searching for services: In addition to material goods, some users offer services on Marketplace. This can include services such as repair, gardening, childcare, etc.

It’s important to note that Facebook Marketplace generally does not handle financial transactions. Users are responsible for coordinating payments and exchanges in person.

Finally, Facebook allows expatriates to stay informed about local events, festivals, markets, and other exciting activities by following Facebook pages and events dedicated to the region where you are staying.

And to follow local information, to stay updated on news, weather conditions, and other crucial information in the region where you are by following local information pages on Facebook.