May 12, 2023


If you have just arrived in Perth as a student, backpacker or tourist and want to experience the surrounding area and Australian wildlife, I would recommend the Caversham Wildlife Park. It would be perfect for you, we went there with several international students as well and it was a really great experience.


Who are they?


Caversham Wildlife Park is located on the outskirts of the city of Perth, Australia. The park is operated by David, Pat, and their two children. They purchased it in 1988 when it housed a small collection of animals and birds on a 2-hectare property. They expanded the park until 2003 when they bought and developed a new park in Whiteman Park, which was much larger. It is a local family-owned business and they receive no government assistance. They are always grateful to their customers who help them take care of the animals.


How to get there?


The exact address is: Caversham Wildlife Park, 233B Drumpellier Drive, Whiteman WA, 6068.


To get there, you can take a car, a taxi, or the bus. For the bus, simply take line 950 at the William St Stand 6 stop and get off at Morley, then take line 345 at Morley and get off at Bennett Springs. You can also take other buses, depending on the time you wish to depart.



Please note that it is open from 9:00 AM to 4:40 PM every day of the year except Christmas. Entries are accepted until 3:30 PM.


Regarding the prices


The entry price includes attractions and food to feed the animals.


For adults: $32

For children (3 to 14 years old): $15

For students: $25 (Western Australian student card required for reduced rate)

For seniors: $25 (Western Australian seniors card or senior card required for reduced rate)


You can buy tickets at the entrance or purchase them online via this link:

Caversham Wildlife Park online tickets – Home (roller.app)


Please note that you can only buy adult or child tickets online. Reduced-rate tickets requiring proof will need to be purchased at the park entrance.


For multi-passes, you can pay for 3 park visits and get the 4th visit for free. This is a multi-pass per person.


For adults: $96

For children: $45


You can purchase multi-passes via this link:

Caversham Wildlife Park online tickets – Products (roller.app)


Park activities


The park is divided into several areas:

plan du park

North East:

Here, you will find animals representing the tropical part of Australia, including many birds, koalas, southern cassowaries, and swamp wallabies. You can stroll peacefully with some of the animals roaming freely.



This area showcases animals from Western Australia, including penguins and their pool, turtles, quokkas with their incredible smile (also found freely on Rottnest Island), and many more.


Molly’s Farms:

The animal farm features cows, donkeys, goats, as well as llamas, camels, ostriches, and a buffalo. It’s a real little farm, and you can even interact with them in the enclosures and pet some of them.


Reptile House:

For those who prefer to see reptiles behind glass, this is the perfect place. You can find a wide variety of snake species, lizards, dragons, turtles, and even frogs, all safely behind glass.




This section represents the driest region of Australia with crocodiles, dingoes (you might have the chance to hear them bark), wombats, and magnificent Black Breasted Buzzards.


The Animations


The Farm Show

10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM every day


You can immerse yourself in a farm and its daily activities:


– Watch the sheepdogs gather the sheep

– Shear the sheep

– Swing a billy (metal container)

– Crack a whip

– Milk a cow

– Bottle-feed a lamb

mouton rasé

bebe moutons


Meeting the Wombat and Friends

10:45 AM and 2:00 PM every day

The team carefully selects 20 different Australian animal species for you to meet and take photos with.


Feeding the Kangaroos

9:00 AM and 4:30 PM every day

You can find a large number of kangaroos and wallabies in the central area of the park. Food is available for you to feed them and take as many photos as you want. With a bit of luck, you may even see baby kangaroos still in their mothers’ pouches!



Meet the Koalas!

10:30 AM and 3:30 PM every day


You can stand next to a koala in a tree at shoulder height and even pet it. Take as many photos as you want with your camera.


Feeding the Penguins

12:00 PM every day


Be careful with the penguins as they eat quickly, so don’t be late! You can come and watch the penguins being fed and swimming in their pool!