December 1, 2023

The World of Employment


The World of Employment:

In Australia, there are three distinct types of employment contracts: casual, part-time, and full-time. You will be able to gather information on these contracts, their advantages, and disadvantages.


Concerning the so-called “casual” contract, similar to the extras contracts in France, your schedule is designed on a weekly basis. There are advantages to a casual contract, such as a higher salary and the ability to manage free time. However, there are numerous disadvantages, such as the possibility of having hours cut at any moment, and the salary amount is not constant. It’s important to note that sick leave, vacations, and public holidays are unpaid, and the number of hours per week is not guaranteed. On a positive note, if you work on a public holiday, you will be paid at +50% of the hourly rate.


The working hours for a part-time employment contract are 20 hours. The advantages and disadvantages are roughly similar to those of the casual contract. Regarding public holidays: a part-time employee does not work on a public holiday. If the employee must still work, they may claim a higher salary. To find out how much a part-time employee earns working on a public holiday, you will need to approach your employer. All companies have different rules.


The Full-Time contract is akin to a permanent contract (CDI) in France. Your schedule is consistent, with mostly the same days off. The advantages of this contract are numerous; firstly, the salary is constant, and holidays and sick leave are paid. This contract is for permanent residency (PR). However, a significant drawback is that the salary is lower, and obviously, there are fewer opportunities to change your schedule at the last minute. In Australia, individuals working full-time on a public holiday may be entitled to an additional day off. For those who do not work, they will still be paid, but as a regular day.


A small piece of advice for earning more money: To be better paid by the company, you need to be available on weekends and remain open to additional hours. In Australia, motivation and availability are key to making a good impression on your employer.