May 22, 2023

11 free must-have applications for Australia

Hello to all future backpackers and students in Australia!

You have just taken your PVT or student visa, now the adventure begins.
Here are some useful apps for your arrival:
  • Visa tracking,
  • Job searching,
  • Communication with your family and friends,
  • Survival during a road trip,
  • And finally, banking applications.
All the useful apps to make your journey in Australia go smoothly!



1. Myvevo

It is an application developed by the Australian government that allows visa holders or applicants to check the details of their visa, including expiration date, associated conditions, visa type, and work rights. You can also view your entry and exit information as well as any travel restrictions.

Télécharger myVEVO pour Apple

Télécharger myVEVO pour Android



2. WiFi Finder

pour avoir de la wifi partout
WiFi Finder ensures that you never run out of internet. This app locates all the places around you where you can connect for free.

Télécharger WiFiFinder pour Apple

Télécharger WiFiFinder pour Android



3. Gumtree

trouve du travail
Gumtree is a must-know for any backpacker. It is Australia’s classifieds website where you can find jobs, carpooling opportunities, shared rentals, and buy/sell items. It’s a convenient platform for both posting and finding ads.
Télécharger Gumtree pour Apple
Télécharger Gumtree pour Android



4. Wikifarms

trouve tes fermes et fait tes 88 jours
If you’re planning to complete your 88 days of farm work in Australia, Wikifarms is a perfect app for you. It helps you find eligible farms for the required work days, based on your location and the most favorable seasons.

wikifarms – Applications Android sur Google Play

WikiFarms Australia on the App Store (apple.com)



5. Record My Hours

logo record my hour
Having trouble keeping track of your working days? This app is perfect for you. No need to complicate your life by taking notes; simply enter your hours, and the app will calculate them for you. It’s especially useful for keeping count of your 88 days.
Record My Hours on the App Store (apple.com)



6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a comprehensive communication app that allows you to stay in touch with your family, friends, and people you meet on the road. You can make calls, send messages, share files, and even have video conferences. It’s great for staying connected, whether you want to FaceTime with your grandparents or parents.

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Télécharger WhatsApp pour Android



7. Abroadly

application abroadly
Feeling a bit isolated after arriving in Australia? Abroadly can help you meet other backpackers or students in Australia, go on outings together, and make the most of your experience. It’s a great way to make friends and find what you need.

abroadly – Applications Android sur Google Play

Abroadly on the App Store (apple.com)



8. Fuel Map Australia

fuel australia
When embarking on road trips in Australia, it’s important to know where to find gas stations. Fuel Map Australia lists all the fuel stations in your area, including prices, ensuring that you don’t run out of fuel, especially in remote areas like the Red Centre.

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9. WikiCamps

Gone are the days of relying on a paper map for camping spots. With WikiCamps, you can easily find free campsites for van accommodation with just a few clicks. The app also provides information on facilities available at each location, such as water, electricity, gas, etc. It’s a must-have for any Australian road trip. Additionally, you can use it to locate nearby free public toilets and showers.

WikiCamps Australia on the App Store (apple.com)

WikiCamps Australia – Applications sur Google Play



10. ATM Finder

retire de l'argent facilement

If you’re in need of cash, the ATM Finder app can help you locate the nearest ATMs to your location, ensuring you have access to cash when you need it.

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11. Your Online Banking App

application westpac
Once you arrive in Australia, you’ll likely open an account with one of the major Australian banks. Don’t forget to download the dedicated app for your new bank. This way, you can monitor your accounts, make national and international transfers, and generate payslips for your employers in real time.
These apps will be highly useful to ensure your journey in Australia goes smoothly!